left: The Tilbury Gig was built in the early 19th Century by Tilbury of London. Characterised by the firm's single 'tilbury seat' with its spindle back and padded back rest, the vehicle had an elaborate suspension and large wheels for travelling fast over rough roads giving a light, sporty and dangerous ride.

Dimensions: L 9 1/2 x H 6 inches

Price: 425
right: Equipped with a ventillated compartment, the Dog Cart was designed to carry hounds to the hunt. Like the cocking cart it was rarely used for its original purpose and early on developed into a pleasure cart.

Pulled by a single horse and with two back-to-back single seats its height rendered it liable to instability.Despite that, it was a popular vehicle.

Dimensions: L 13 x H 6 1/2 inches

Price: 425

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