1. A pretty little thimble for a child. Approximately 1/2 inch tall. Late 19th century. Illustrated on page 46 of Diane Pelham Burn's book Sew Small.
Price: 65

2. A tiny thimble with an applied cartouche bearing initials RB. 19th Century.
Price: 65

3. Small sized thimble for a child. Probably from USA as decoration on the rim of a house is very similar to that on larger silver US thimbles. Initialed MP.
Price: 68

4. An attractive steel topped silver thimble. Very slim and elegant. Circa 1830.
Price: 68

left: A medieval brass thimble, excavated from the Thames in London. The properties of the river mud have preserved the metal in its original condition without oxidation.
Price: 180

right: A 17/18th century brass child's thimble found in Somerset, England, and displaying the 'normal' black oxidised finish.
Price: 60

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