A silver thimble by James Swann commemorating the 1953 coronation of Elizabeth II. Fully hallmarked incl. the Queen's Head. The views on the right show horses drawing the royal carriage with Buckingham Palace in the background. Mint condition with original box.
Price: 250

left: A Spode England thimble commemorating the christening of Prince William of Wales on 4th August 1982. Price: 30

right: hallmarked enamelled silver thimble by JS & S to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. The words "SILVER JUBILEE" appear on the reverse. Price: 25

far right: Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. Enamel on hallmarked silver, maker JS & S. The reverse is plain. SOLD

left:Marking the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother in 1990. Fully hallmarked, maker JS & S.

right: The birth of Charles and Diana's first child (Prince William) was the subject of this commemorative enamel on hallmarked silver thimble by maker JS & S.

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