far left: a brass figure, sewing, on a base metal thimble, original tape.Rare. Price: 350

left:a fine beehive tape measure standing 2" tall, decorated with bees. The winder is in the base. Price: 450

right:an early celluloid spring-loaded tape measure modelled as a WW1 battleship, 3" long. SOLD

far left: a combined tape measure/pincushion in the form of a watering can; tape original nd complete. Price: 370

left:a splendid lighthouse
tape measure with complete original tape, 2 3/4 inches tall. Price: 285

right: a highly unusual novelty tape in the form of a sewing machine; all original.
Price: 350

far right:a very rare tape measure modelled as an old-fashioned wall phone. All original. SOLD

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