painted glass set left and right: A large but incomplete set of carved bone dominoes in a slide-top casket inset with two naive glazed watercolours.There are some losses to the casket (see photo) commensurate with age and use. Overall length 6 inches.

painted glass set

dice shaker

pipe tamper

left: a miniature turned ivory dice shaker standing just 3 inches tall. The cup for the dice is in the top and the tiny dice are stored in the hollow body. Price: 225

above: A bone pipe tamper/seal in the form of a shoe and handle. Nice detail to the shoe with decorated sole. Length 3 1/2 inches. Price: 165

. right: A carved bone domino and cribbage compendium with inlaid sliding lid and side panels colourfully decorated with geometric patterns. Length approx. 6 inches. Price; 595

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