brass egg
left: A nicely worked brass egg thimble holder with original chain and loop. Overall length excl. chain 1 3/4 inches. Price: 48

right: A carved vegetable ivory thimble holder. (Slight chips to the finial.) Price: 45

veg ivory holder

Nelson bodkin
upper left:a turned ivory stiletto. The point can be unscrewed, reversed, and screwed into the body for safe keeping. Price 49
The ivory pin tray measures 4 1/4 x 2 inches. Price: 48

lower left: A rare souvenir of the Battle of Trafalgar: a steel bodkin inscribed on both sides: "Ld Nelson's Death & Victory Octr 21st 1805". Length 2 1/8 inches. Price: 465

right: A mauchlineware thimble holder with a view of THE BEACH, HASTINGS on the lid.

Price: 85


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